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Volkswagen’s ID.6 EV is an electric crossover with seating for up to 7

The VW ID.6 and VW ID.6 Crozz EV were unveiled mid-April at the 2021 Shanghai auto show, marking the first Volkswagen models designed specifically for that market and that market alone.

The EV features a long wheelbase and a panoramic glass roof, with technologies also specific to the Chinese market.

VW has already got a pretty wide range of EVs, but the ID.6 , based on the I.D. Roomzz, fills the niche of a three-row electric crossover SUV that China will see in a total of four configurations — with the largest having room for seven passengers.

On China’s NEDC testing cycle, the new ID.6 claims a battery range of up to 270 (434 km) or 365 miles (587 km), depending on equipment. The ID.6 is claimed to be able to go from zero to 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds, and the EV will have a top speed of 160 km/h.

The ID.6 will be the largest model in the ID family, with a total length of 192 inches. Drivers will be able to use a 12-inch touchscreen with a “Hello ID” voice-control system. Chinese market customers will also have access to local connectivity services there, including updates on air quality.

VW ID6 Shanghai auto show

VW ID6 Shanghai auto show


According to Car and Driver, the U.S. market could get a vehicle similar to the ID.6, but it wouldn’t incorporate the Chinese-market-specific features. We reached out to VW Canada, who confirmed “[the ID.6] was designed specifically for, and will only be available in, the Chinese market.”

If you’re looking for something in Volkswagen’s ID family, VW Canada also mentioned, “Volkswagen Canada will welcome the ID.4 compact sport utility to our market. It is the first member of Volkswagen’s ID ‘family’ that will come to Canada, and we are confident it is the right vehicle at the right time!”

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