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Volkswagen ID.6 electric crossover is big, literally, in China

Volkswagen’s electric lineup is expanding in multiple ways with the new VW ID.6 electric crossover. It’s based on the same MEB platform that underpins the ID.3 hatchback, as well as the ID.4 crossover that we get in America. But it’s quite a bit longer, so much so it comes with a third row of seats.

The ID.6 is just under a foot longer overall than the ID.4. It also picks up nearly eight inches of wheelbase. While seating and cargo specifications weren’t given, it’s safe to say that you’ll be able to fit a lot more stuff in an ID.6. And there’s seating for six to seven people depending on whether you get a second-row bench or bucket seats. The addition of three usable rows puts the ID.6 in rarified company, as the Tesla Model X is the only game in town. Technically the Model Y has a third row, but putting real humans back there is tantamount to physical abuse.

Design-wise, it really looks like a puffed up ID.4. It’s generally more upright and blocky, but still very rounded at the corners. Not only that, but there are two differently styled models. The Crozz trim features a bit more aluminum-look trim to evoke skid plates, as well as less flowing headlights. At the back, they feature slightly different hatches and bumpers, with the Crozz putting the license plate on the hatch, and the X placing it in the bumper. The interior is also similar to the ID.4, though obviously larger and with more of a mix of materials. It also happens to feature a large 12-inch infotainment screen.

There are three powertrain options. A rear-motor, rear-drive layout is standard with either a 177-horsepower or 201-horsepower motor. Both make 162 pound-feet of torque. A dual-motor, all-wheel-drive version is available making 302 horsepower and 229 pound-feet of torque. If some of those numbers sound familiar, it’s because they’re just about the same as the motor options on the ID.4. The same goes for the batteries. While the 58-kWh (usable capacity) battery pack isn’t offered on the U.S.-market ID.4, the 77-kWh (usable) one is. Range for the smaller battery is 270 miles, and 365 for the big one. Those estimates are on the NEDC loop, though, so would likely be significantly lower on the EPA cycle.

Don’t expect an EPA estimate anytime soon, though. Right now, the ID.6 is only earmarked for China, the country where it’s exclusively built. VW hasn’t said anything about offering it anywhere else. We certainly think the ID.6 could be a strong seller in the U.S., where large crossovers are still really popular. And as we’ve mentioned, the three-row part of the electric market is generally competition free at the moment.


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