U.S. events Canadian dealers can attend virtually this summer

Canadian dealers interested in learning more about driving trade-ins or how to take on Carvana will be able to do so by joining two conferences in the United States: The Auto Intel Summit and Digital Dealer Tampa — and both can be attended virtually.

The Auto Intel Summit was actually held between May 17-19, but dealers can still access the sessions on-demand through June 19. The topic covered New Ways Dealers Are Driving Trade-ins, and featured Josh Leader, Internet Sales and Marketing Director at Sands Automotive Group, and Digital Air Strike’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jason Barrie. 

The Digital Dealer Tampa conference is still to come (June 8-10) and will offer hybrid registration options (onsite and online options) for OEMs and dealerships. 

This event will explore a range of topics, including a presentation called Taking Out Carvana & Vroom in a New Post-Pandemic Market. It will include a discussion from Digital Air Strike’s Jason Barrie; Jennifer Hurley, Finance Director of Royal Automotive Group; and Chip Diggs, Digital Marketing Director for Seelye Auto Group. The group will explore their strategies.

Another Digital Dealer Tampa conference will be held in October in Las Vegas. More information about the Tampa event can be found here.

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