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Toyota bZ4X is a first, and the future of Toyota and Subaru electric cars

Here it is, one of the most important Toyotas in recent history, yes, even up there with the new Supra. Why is that? This, the Toyota bZ4X, is the company’s first electric car it will offer on a large scale across the globe. It’s also the first to use the new e-TNGA electric car platform, which will underpin additional Toyotas as well as Subarus.

Disappointingly, Toyota hasn’t given any specific details about the new EV. All we know is information the company has previously released about it. The e-TNGA platform was co-developed with Subaru, and as such this bZ4X features all-wheel drive. But that’s really all the company would say about what powers it.

At least we get a really clear look at the crossover, which is technically a concept, but it’s quite obvious this is basically the production car. You can tell in its conventional door handles, mirrors, and all the other functional features such as seatbelts, and various interior buttons and switches. That’s not to say it’s not a bold or boring design. It’s a bit like a RAV4, but with a lower roof, more rakish hatch, and a super stretched wheelbase. The overhangs are quite short, too. There are quite a few angular lines and creases across the body that make it interesting if a bit busy. The interior is quite futuristic and airy. The high-mounted instrument display placed deep on the dashboard is quite distinctive, as is the cloth-covered dash and floating center console that bridges to the center stack.

The bZ4X will go on sale globally in the middle of next year. Exact sales timing for the U.S. version hasn’t been set yet. The model will be the first of a new electric sub-brand for Toyota called bZ, which stands for “beyond zero.” By 2025, Toyota will have 15 of these full electric bZ models on sale, and they will be part of a plan that includes 70 total electrified vehicles, some of which will be hybrids and fuel cell vehicles. Also intriguing is that a hybrid truck and an electric truck are among the electrified models in the works. But with no further specifics, we’ll have to wait and see what these new Toyota EVs will be like.

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