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Tesla Full Self-Driving is now a $199 subscription

Tesla’s so-called Full Self-Driving bundle of driver aids is now available through a monthly subscription, per the company’s website.

The automaker charges $10,000 to enable Full Self-Driving from the factory, but is now adding a pay-as-you-go option for customers who bought lower-level versions of Tesla’s driver-assist tech.

Owners of cars with the Full Self-Driving computer 3.0 or above can upgrade from the Basic Autopilot system for $199 a month, or from the Enhanced Autopilot system for $99 a month. This can be done through the Tesla app or an owner’s online Tesla account. Customers can cancel a subscription at any time, but will retain Full Self-Driving capability for the remainder of the billing period, Tesla noted.

2021 Tesla Model S Plaid

2021 Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla has been installing its current-generation computer—needed to enabled Full Self-Driving—into vehicles since February 2019. Some older Model X and Model S vehicles are now eligible for a computer upgrade (at a cost of $1,000) that will allow the full functionality, however.

Despite the name, Full Self-Driving doesn’t offer anywhere near that capability—and might not for years.

Tesla Model 3 Enhanced Summon video still [by YouTuber Nagaraj Kelageri]

Tesla Model 3 Enhanced Summon video still [by YouTuber Nagaraj Kelageri]

It currently includes Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Autopark, Summon, and Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control, with the claim that Autosteer ability on city streets is coming soon.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has teased the idea of a “feature complete” version of Full Self Driving at many points in the past. He’s said autonomous driving will enable owners to rent their cars out as robo-taxis, turning the cars into revenue-generating machines.

Our last Twitter poll on Tesla Full Self-Driving showed that readers were hesitant to pay extra for a truly self-driving car. Would you be more likely to pay for it on a subscription basis?

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