Swiss firm Officine Fioravanti readies Ferrari Testarossa restomod

There are a number of companies, some of them quite famous, that will restore a classic Porsche 911 while also upgrading some aspects of the car to modern standards, a process known as restomodding.

However we’re slowly starting to see companies turn their attention to classic cars from other makes, and it should be no surprise to you that classic Ferraris are among the most popular in the non-911 crowd.

Some recent restomodded Ferraris we’ve covered include the Maggiore 308, Casil 328, and even a Dino transformed by famous Ferrari collector David Lee. Now a company out of Switzerland, Officine Fioravanti, has revealed the first photos of a Ferrari Testarossa restomod it is developing.

Since Officine Fioravanti is still developing the car there aren’t too many specs, although we know the company has managed to increase the top speed by about 20 mph to a new figure of 200 mph. Still sitting behind the seats is the original 4.9-liter V-12, though the engine has been fully rebuilt and now has a control that lets the driver adjust the output.

Officine Fioravanti Ferrari Testarossa restomod

Officine Fioravanti Ferrari Testarossa restomod

An adjustable exhaust system has also been added. It’s made from titanium to help save weight. The company has hinted at total weight savings of its restomod over the stock Testarossa of close to 265 pounds.

Other upgrades to the mechanicals were made in the interest of improving safety and the driving experience. There are now Brembo brakes, Ohlins dampers, adjustable anti-roll bars, and modern ABS and traction control. There’s also a system to lift the nose of the car to help save it from scrapes.

While the exterior has been left largely untouched to maintain the Testarossa’s iconic looks, the interior has been given a thorough makeover. There is fresh leather on many of the surfaces, and some older plastic parts have been swapped with metal replacements. A new audio system has also been added along with controls to adjust some of the items mentioned above.

A full reveal is expected later this year, and Officine Fioravanti is yet to say how many examples of its Testarossa restomod it plans to build.

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