Stellantis confirms plans for solid-state batteries, 4 EV platforms

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares laid out the company’s electrification plans for the coming decade during an online presentation held on Thursday.

Key to the plans is the introduction of four battery-electric platforms to cover Stellantis’ 14 brands, including platforms with the capability of delivering up to 500 miles of range.

The plans also call for the introduction of a hydrogen-electric commercial van by the end of 2021, and solid-state batteries by 2026.

Stellantis brands

Stellantis brands

Stellantis will invest more than 30 billion euros (approximately $35.6 billion) on vehicle development through 2025, with the bulk of the funds to go toward electrification and software. Some of the funds will also go toward equity investments made in joint ventures. The company currently has or is completing joint ventures, ranging from electric drive units to batteries and in-car technology. For example, in March we saw Stellantis form a joint venture with Foxconn to develop digital dash systems and connectivity features and services.

Stellantis’ four upcoming electric platforms are referred to as STLA Small, STLA Medium, STLA Large, and STLA Frame. The platforms have been designed to be flexible when it comes to length and width, and they’ve also been designed so that key components can be shared across them, like modular drive units combining the electric motor, transmission and inverter. The compact drive units can be used for front-, rear-, all-wheel- and plug-in hybrid configurations, and up to three of them can be fitted in a vehicle.

STLA Small will offer up to 300 miles of range and replace Stellantis’ current CMP platform designed for mini and subcompact cars, while STLA Medium will offer up to 440 miles of range and replace Stellantis’ EMP2 platform designed for compact and mid-size cars. STLA Large will offer up to 500 miles of range and has been designed for premium mid-size and large cars. The last platform, STLA Frame, will also offer up to 500 miles of range and will be suited to body-on-frame vehicles like pickup trucks, large SUVs, and some commercial vans.

Ram 1500 BEV and platform - 2021 Stellantis EV Day

Ram 1500 BEV and platform – 2021 Stellantis EV Day

The platforms will use existing liquid-type battery technology until denser, more stable solid-state technology is introduced by 2026. For the liquid-type batteries, Stellantis will have two chemistry types: a premium high energy-density option and a more affordable nickel cobalt-free alternative. Stellantis will have five of its own battery plants spread across Europe and North America, as well as outside suppliers. The company expects the cost of batteries to reduce by more than 40% from 2020 to 2024 and a further 20% by 2030. It also expects EVs to have a similar total cost of ownership to internal-combustion cars by 2026.

To ensure the platforms remain up to date in the fast-changing EV scene, Stellantis plans hardware upgrades and over-the-air software updates to extend the life of the platforms as far as possible. We’re talking well into the next decade.

During the presentation, various new electric models were confirmed including an Opel Manta E crossover and Dodge muscle car. That electric Dodge will arrive in 2024. An electric Ram pickup is also due about that time.

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