Road trip season is an opportunity for dealers

Carfax Canada recently released a few interesting facts from its May 2021 survey, which found that 84% of Canadians are considering planning a road trip this summer once restrictions are allowed. 

This is a good time for dealerships across the province to cater to the needs of these consumers, as many plan to visit another city (64%), 50% plan to visit friends and family, and 35% plan to go to the beach. Another 32% are eyeing camping as an option and 21% are going to the cottage. 

The survey also shows that 72% of Canadian respondents get their vehicle tuned up before the start of road trip season, and 70% carry a roadside kit in their vehicle in case of emergencies. 

Dealerships may need to focus on safety as a key theme for these consumers, along with transparency when selling used vehicles. Carfax Canada reports that one in four vehicles checked by the company have reported accidents/damage, while one in six vehicles have recalls. And 44% of vehicles have a lien. As a result, consumers may be wary or extra cautious when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle. However, there may also be an opportunity for dealers to purchase a customer’s used vehicle and offer them a new one.

The survey also includes fun facts, such as music versus communication preferences when on a road trip: 77% still prefer the radio, 49% like music streaming or talking with other passengers, and 7% prefer silence. Also, 41% of Canadians like to do the driving themselves, while 44% like to share the task, and 15% do not enjoy driving at all.

The survey was conducted by Carfax Canada and includes 818 Canadian drivers.

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