Point S Canada signs agreement with Flexiti Financial

Point S Canada, a network of independent retailers offering consumer and commercial tires, auto services, auto glass, and accessories, has signed an agreement with Flexiti Financial, a provider of point-of-sale consumer financing solutions for retailers. 

The agreement means that the company will benefit from Flexiti Financial’s 0 per cent interest financing solution, which will be offered to the retail division of Point S Canada in turn allowing its products and services to become more accessible to customers.

“Flexiti has met all our selection criteria; its comprehensive vision and great services will enhance the customer experience,” said Patrick Lavoie, Vice-President, Marketing & Communications at Point S Canada. “Customers now get more payment choices, and they can take advantage of financing options.”

The company said its retailers can sign up to offer Flexiti’s omni-channel financing solution, and customers can apply for a FlexitiCard in-store or online through an application that takes only a few minutes. 

Flexiti Financial is also offering certain customers a “revolving credit line” and flexible payment plans, with 0 per cent interest financing options that are valid for other future purchases.

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