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Nissan 370Z safari Z-Adventure is ready to rally on Yokohama 33s, gold wheels

The Nissan 370Z might be on its way out the door, but it still has a few tricks left. The long-serving sports car has seen just about every type of modification, and now that list includes a safari-style rally raid race car. Called the Z-Adventure, the beefed-up sports car looks ready to tackle Dakar.

Yokohama Tire built the Z for this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, but the event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So instead, Yokohama is releasing it now to promote its gold Advan Racing RC III wheels and Geolandar M/T G0003 33-inch tires.

The safari-style build, which takes a car not originally meant for off-roading and giving it a lift and knobby tires, has gained popularity in recent years. It’s as much an offshoot of overlanding as it is a rebellion against slammed cars, and results can be mixed. The Z Advenure’s professional quality, however, and the fact that the 370Z is already a pretty old dog, makes this an interesting build.

While keeping its sports car silhouette, the Z Adventure adds massive fiberglass fender flares to accommodate LT255/75R17 front and 33×12.50R17 LT tires typically meant for a Land Cruiser or Pajero. Its Advan RC III 10-spoke alloys were developed by Yokohama’s wheel division for rally cars. The suspension gets a lift from remote reservoir coilovers by King Off-Road of California, while the underbelly gets protection from a Jaos skid plate.

More typical Z modifications can also be found, like a Wilwood brake kit, Bride racing seats with six-point belts, and HKS exhaust. On the other hand, an electric winch and sand ladders mounted across the rear spoiler aren’t bits you’d find on your typical modified 370Z. Yokohama says it’s even capable of towing a small trailer for dirtbikes or snowmobiles. IPF driving lights and a four-point roll bar round out the safety modifications.

Yokohama Tire says it wants to show the Z Adventure at off-roading events to promote this unique style of rig. We have to admit, it does look pretty fun to drive, and donor 370Zs are plentiful. Perhaps a red and black tribute to the Datsun 240Z that won both the 1971 and 1973 Safari Rally is in order.


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