Mitsubishi launches 24/7 digital showroom

Mitsubishi Motors launched a 24/7 digital showroom in response to the surge in demand for modern digital shopping tools among consumers since the pandemic. 

The OEM’s new e-commerce platform is, and it’s meant to offer consumers a full digital retail experience, including test drives and dealer inventory.

“Mitsubishi Motors is leading with new seamless integration between the digital shopping journey and our dealers which makes for a complete, engaging customer experience,” said Steve Carter, Director of Marketing at Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada. 

The OEM said it moved nearly the entire buying journey online, from browsing inventory and trade-in estimations, to credit applications. The platform, which is powered by MotoInsight’s e-commerce platform ClickShop, offers buyers and dealers a state-of-the-art opportunity, they said. 

Andrew Tai, CEO of Motoinsight, said the OEM integrated the entire sales process with ClickShop, from the research to pricing, right up until the test drive and final purchase in a way that makes life easier for the customer and the dealership. ClickShop was custom developed by Motoinsight.

“Mitsubishi Motors provides a full-functioning opportunity for browsers and buyers to drill deep into our all-new or refreshed product offering, exploring and understanding every detail at a comfortable pace from the safety of their own homes yet with an instant connection to their local dealer,” said Carter. 

You can view the platform at

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