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Lincoln Zephyr Reflection stuns in Shanghai with new take on styling

Lincoln mid-April took the covers off of a stunning concept vehicle at the Shanghai auto salon, featuring a throwback name but throw-forward styling.

It’s called the Zephyr Reflection, and it uses Lincoln’s current “Quiet Flight” design language to envision a svelte and sexy sedan that is unexpected from the brand.

Shaved door handles and an aggressive front fascia makes this a properly modern take on an old-fashioned brand. There’s also an LED light strip that runs through the badge and connects the left and right headlights. Around the back is a full-width taillight, a style popular with just about every luxury car these days.

Lincoln Zephyr Reflection Preview Car


The interior is where the Zephyr really shines, with a full-width infotainment screen Lincoln calls “coast-to-coast” that can display a wealth of features for both the driver and front passenger. The screens can be configured with three different themes: Normal, Sport, and Zen, and play into the “Constellation” interface centred around different night-sky moods.

A two-spoke steering wheel hearkens back to the days of the original Zephyr, while the centre console is clean and uncluttered.

Powertrain options were not discussed, so we will have to wait until a production version comes out of the woodwork to see what’s under the hood.

Lincoln pulled the plug on sedans for North America, but in China the body style still generates interest and income. Of course, since it’s a gorgeous concept car and it’s got four doors, it will likely never see the streets in Canada or the U.S., but if this is the style direction that Lincoln is taking, count us in.

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