Kijiji partners with InfoSum to enable cookie-free user matching

Kijiji and its autos division announced a partnership with data collaboration platform InfoSum to allow brands and advertisers to target Canadian consumers on its platforms, and to build lookalike audiences in a secure environment without third-party cookies. 

Brands on the Kijiji and Kijiji Autos platform will be able to securely match their customer data with the specific audiences for omni-channel marketing and customer experiences. Specifically, Kijiji’s data clean room, with InfoSum, will enable user list matching against up to five million active logged-in shoppers.

“Since 2020, Kijiji has been working on a number of audience solutions for our partners and advertising clients as we move into a future without third party cookies,” said Chris Quinn, Head of Display Advertising at Kijiji Canada. “Our partnership with InfoSum plays a critical role in this delivery as well as more partnerships to come.”

InfoSum has a patented identity infrastructure that allows advertisers to collaborate across first-party data and build highly customized audiences, in addition to gaining more actionable consumer insights. It also allows them to protect both consumer privacy and the data integrity of each party.

“We are pleased that Kijiji has chosen to partner with InfoSum to help facilitate their shift to using first-party data in a privacy-first manner,” said Trip Foster, SVP of Partnerships at InfoSum. “InfoSum empowers companies like Kijiji to take control of their data in a secure and privacy-forward manner.”

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