Kia’s new logo, slogan officially launch in Canada

Kia’s new branding has officially arrived in Canada, about five months after the automaker announced major changes to its marketing strategy.

The Korean automaker in January unveiled a new, more modern, script-like brand logo to replace its aged oval mark. It also dropped the word “motors” from its name and is simply known as Kia now. 

“Canadians will start to see more of Kia’s new brand identity come to life as it’s featured on nearly all 2022 vehicles arriving this year,” Kia Canada said in a statement Tuesday.

Kia’s redesigned logo is already featured on the recently launched Carnival minivan, which the automaker calls an all-purpose vehicle, and the Kia Stinger.

As part of the makeover, Kia has also adopted a new slogan: Movement that Inspires.

The reworked logo and fresh tagline will herald an updated business strategy that Kia CEO Ho Sung Song unveiled on Jan. 15 in Seoul.

Song wants Kia to ramp up of mass production of electric vehicles through 2025 and rapidly expand into what the company calls purpose-built vehicles, or PBVs.

Kia says it is “planning for an electric future.”

Kia Canada says it has sold more than 18,000 electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the road since 2014. It says it will offer to Canadians seven new plug-in hybrid or dedicated electric models by 2025. 

It’s all part of the automaker’s Plan S strategy, which is a shift “from a business system focused on internal combustion engines toward one centred around electric vehicles and customized mobility solutions.”

Kia Canada did not immediate say whether the branding initiative would mean dealers would have to upgrade dealerships and showrooms.

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