Honda starts production of new Civic in Alliston, ON

With the recent disruption in automotive manufacturing in Canada due largely to the global microchip shortage, it is worth noting that the 2022 Honda Civic sedan will begin production in Alliston, Ontario and is expected to arrive at Honda dealerships in North America this summer.

Honda of Canada Mfg. has been building the Civic for 33 years in the country. And the new Civic hatchback will be built in the United States for the first time, as it follows its sedan sibling to market in the coming months. The Civic has been built in North America for 35 years, with nearly 11 million units produced in the U.S. and Canada. 

“The 11th-generation will continue that legacy with production of the Civic Sedan in Alliston, Ontario, and for the first time, the Civic Hatchback will be manufactured in the U.S., at the company’s Greensburg, Indiana plant,” said Honda Canada. “All Civic production in North America will use domestic and globally-sourced parts.”

Company engineers had to work through a number of challenges during the pandemic, including around new production technologies and supporting other Honda plants around the globe working to build the 11th generation Civic.

This is due in large part to the travel restrictions stemming from the COVID-19 crisis, which prevented Honda R&D engineers from Japan and the production engineering team in the U.S. from coming to Canada. As a result, the automaker said HCM engineers took on a larger role in preparing the 2022 Civic Sedan for mass production.

“What we have accomplished with the Honda Civic, is taking it to a higher level of sophistication,” said Clement D’Souza, Senior Vice President of HCM. “We’ve created this clean and modern look by using new and first-time Civic technologies, which resulted in the most technologically advanced Civic ever, with a refined and innovative design.”

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