Honda previews new interior design language

LOS ANGELES — Honda previewed a new interior design language with a concept sketch and explanatory video, with the real-life version coming in the redesigned 2022 Honda Civic on sale this summer.

The new design philosophy is called “simplicity and something” and focuses on Honda’s tradition of ease-of-use for the consumer while incorporating eye-pleasing design, the company said Monday.

The interior concept sketch shows a clean, horizontal dash design that maximizes outward visibility and incorporates tactile controls, said Johnathan Norman, creative lead at Honda Interior Design.

The infotainment system will use a physical knob for volume control, large icons that are easy to read and a fast processor for moving through simplified menu choices, Norman said. The concept sketch didn’t detail the new infotainment screen.

In the recent past, Honda experimented with a capacitive-touch slider for volume control, which drew consumer complaints and a return to a physical volume knob. Still, some automakers are moving toward capacitive touch in their new models to mixed reviews.

Honda said it wants to incorporate new tech without generating complicated ways to use it.

“The advanced technologies that bring wonderful new capabilities and connectivity have added a level of complexity that created new challenges,” Norman said in the video. “Moving into a new era for all of us involved in Honda interior design, it really became about connecting to our core values.”

“We are pursuing this design language with the new Hondas we’re designing in the studio now,” Norman said. “It’s our ‘simple’ approach to design with the ‘and something’ that will help differentiate each product and make your future Honda vehicles something you want to drive and are excited to use.”

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