Honda hands out awards for Green Dealer Recognition Program

Asif Premji, VP of Operations and GM and Al-Amin Vira, GM and VP of Operations at Okotoks Honda

An update from Honda on its Green Dealer Recognition Program, which launched in 2018, reveals new awards to dealers, updates, milestones, and goals that the OEM is trying to reach by 2025. 

The program is described as a cross-country initiative recognizing Honda dealerships committed to decreasing their environmental impact. So far 31 awards have been handed out, which is a 25 per cent award rate among enrolled dealers. Calgary’s Okotoks Honda is among the three dealers in Canada to receive a Platinum Level distinction through the brand’s program.

“The Green Dealer Recognition Program awards three different achievement levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum) for dealers who quantifiably reduce their environmental impacts,” said the OEM in a news release. “Distinctions are awarded based on increments of reduction in total energy use, ranging from 10-50 per cent.”

Okotoks Honda solar panels

To receive the award, the dealership installed a 354kW solar carport system in 2019, which now produces approximately 61,647kW of solar energy used to power the building, per month. Okotoks Honda said it has so far reduced its total energy use by 43 per cent and has decreased its CO2e output by 301 metric tonnes — which it said is equivalent to the annual energy use of 70 homes.

“We decided to think outside the box about how we can continue to sell vehicles, while making a measurable impact on the environment for our community,” said Asif Premji, General Manager of Okotoks Honda. “By making simple changes and upgrades to our building and energy utilization, we were able to effectively reduce our carbon footprint while witnessing immediate results.”

As for Honda Canada, it said its dealership network has so far reduced its annual CO2e output by 3,327metric tons. The OEM is hoping to reduce its annual CO2e output by 16,500 metric tons by 2025, which it said is equivalent to the annual energy use of 3,864 homes or an offset of 68.6 million kilometres driven by Honda vehicles every year (based on certain data provided by Natural Resources Canada and the U.S. EPA).

It also included its Acura brand in the program in 2019, and said that energy efficiencies saved both Honda and Acura dealerships an estimated $532,173 in associated energy costs.

Both federal governments in Canada and the United States are pushing for more “green” solutions, greater electric vehicle uptake, and energy efficiencies — which is why Honda Canada’s update on its program goals comes at a significant time. The program is part of its larger sustainability project called Blue Skies for Our Children.

Okotoks Honda

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