Feds invest $50K in Ecohive, which is building an EV community app

The federal government is investing $50,000 in Toronto, Ont.’s Ecohive to help raise awareness about zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs).

Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Seamus O’Regan Jr., made the announcement. “We’re giving Canadians the greener options they want to get to where they need to go. This is how we get to net zero by 2050,” he said, in reference to the federal government’s goal.

Ecohive is putting the funding towards its Torque Network, a mobile application geared towards the electric vehicle community. The app aims to provide EV owners, enthusiasts and industry experts with an online space to learn about the vehicles, grow their network, and connect with others through chat features and forums.

“With the global pandemic we are seeing Canadians and people all across the world reconnecting with the planet and demanding a higher quality of life that is sustainable,” said Imran Javer, Torque Network’s Product Designer. “Tech and a little bit of creativity can help us achieve that.”

Javer said the app was created to act as a catalyst for positive change and collaboration “through the common appreciation of EVs and other disruptive technologies that are changing the world for the better.”

The app currently available on the Apple iOS store for download in Canada.

The federal government funding is provided through Natural Resources Canada’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative.


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