Electric Ford F-150 to be called the Lightning?

Ford will launch a battery-electric version of its top-selling F-150 pickup truck in mid-2022, and it may just be called the F-150 Lightning.

That’s according to Car and Driver which claimed last week to have gleaned information about the name from an official Ford document.

The name of course comes from the F-150 SVT Lightning street truck that bowed in 1993 and lasted two generations. Ford later filled the void with the off-road-oriented F-150 Raptor.

Considering Ford’s Mustang Mach-E uses a name that plays on a famous badge from the Mustang’s past, in this case Mach 1, we definitely wouldn’t be surprised if the automaker chose a name from the F-150’s past for the electric variant.

2001 Ford SVT F-150 Lightning

2001 Ford SVT F-150 Lightning

And electric connotations aside, the Lightning name is fitting considering the electric F-150 will also be positioned as a street truck rather than an off-roader or serious workhorse, with Ford promising it will be more powerful than any F-150 to date.

Ford has been tight-lipped on details but we know the electric F-150 will come with a dual-motor powertrain, helping it to deliver traction. It will also accelerate quicker than any F-150 to date and have the ability to tow heavy trailers. Ford last June used a prototype to tow 10 double-decker train cars weighing a combined one million pounds. Other new attributes electric F-150 owners can look forward to over the regular truck include a front trunk (aka a frunk), less frequent maintenance, and a power take-off.

Production of the electric F-150 will be handled at Ford’s Rouge plant in Dearborn, Michigan, which has been churning out Ford pickups since 1948. Ford is spending over $700 million at the plant to prepare it for the electric F-150, as well as the hybrid F-150 PowerBoost which recently went into production at the plant.

When it arrives, it will already have a lot of competition. Some of the electric pickup trucks that should be at dealerships by the time the Ford arrives include the GMC Hummer EV and Rivian R1T. The Tesla Cybertruck and Lordstown Endurance may also be available by the electric F-150’s mid-2022 arrival date. Stay tuned.

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