Dealers wants security, features and support from their DMS

A new independent study commissioned by Dominion VUE DMS found that automotive retailers want security, features, and support from their Dealer Management System (DMS), and that they prefer Microsoft as a software provider over Google, IBM, Amazon and Apple when selecting a system.

The 2021 DMS Dealer Sentiment Survey indicates that security, features and support were among the key reasons they selected their current DMS, and that dealers are unsatisfied with the ease of use, price, and support of their current DMS. 

Features and security are among the main reasons for switching DMS, and most dealers prefer a cloud solution due to security advantages.

“This study indicates DMS choices are trending towards secure, cloud-native solutions with modern features, all backed by superior support,” said Dominion DMS President Sharon Kitzman. 

Kitzman said providers that can offer those benefits will have an advantage, since dealers want more flexible, responsive systems that can deliver a better experience for both their employees and customers.

The survey includes dealers, chief financial officers, general managers, controllers and fixed operation managers from large and small dealerships across the United States.

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