Dealer-FX platform gets new messaging tool for employees

Dealer-FX now has an integrated messaging tool for its ONE Platform that allows for easy access to text messaging with customers and internal conversations with employees. 

The goal is to create a more efficient internal collaboration among employees thanks to more effective communication, and it will provide a better experience for vehicle owners through two-way text conversations. 

“Our goal was to develop a best-in-class messaging solution where employees can easily access internal and external conversations, regardless of what they are working on,” said Bill Lucchini, CEO of Dealer-FX. “We know there is a strong market demand for consumers to have two-way text conversations with businesses.”

Lucchini said the solution helps promote better relationships between customers and their dealership, while making communication both simple and convenient for the customer.

The company press release also notes that, for customers, 98 per cent of text messages are opened and 95 per cent are read and responded to — within three minutes of being delivered. This, they say, indicates that text messaging is a “must-have” for dealerships to improve the effectiveness of customer communication.

“With Dealer-FX’s new solution, service teams will be able to engage in one-to-one messaging, group conversations, and Repair Order-specific discussions,” said the company. 

The benefits of the communication tool include the fact that it is fully integrated with Dealer-FX’s platform; it is included at no additional cost; it requires no external apps to download, manage or update; it is built for dealers with custom channels for repair orders, customers, or internal conversations; and it has notifications so that employees see every message. It also has an easy-to-use interface.

A video exploring the integration can be found here.

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