Cox Automotive hires racial equity consulting firm

Cox Automotive Canada recently selected Montreal-based racial equity consulting firm Blink Equity to design, create and implement practices, programs and offerings to help the company build a more inclusive, diverse and equitable organization. 

Blink Equity will help with improving practices such as recruitment and ways of working, and with educational mediums to improve and establish a greater connection with marginalized communities. The work is also meant to align with Cox Automotive Canada’s framework of “Educate, Celebrate and Inspire.”

“Businesses need the best people to compete and that means fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace to attract and retain top talent from all cultures,” said Maria Soklis, President of Cox Automotive Canada & Brazil. “Blink Equity will afford Cox Automotive Canada a perspective and help to identify additional opportunities to build on our existing programs like the Black Employee Network.”

Soklis said the automotive industry’s global nature “makes it imperative for more proactive and intuitive efforts” around diversity, and that the company will continue to take “bold steps to encourage this change as sustainable into the future.”

Blink Equity will be responsible for improving metrics and evaluation tools to view the progress towards Cox Automotive’s inclusion, diversity and equity (IDE) commitments. 

“Blink Equity is thrilled to work with an organization like Cox Automotive Canada, which continues to distinguish itself through action to its commitment to diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces,” said Emiliano Void, Co-Founder and CEO of Blink Equity. “We look forward to the development and execution of transformational initiatives that create more equity within the organization as well as within the communities it services.”

The work also includes building inclusive practices through leadership and employee development, IDE resources, and coaching opportunities focused on promoting more inclusive language and communication channels for all employees.

“Cox Automotive Canada is proud to support young, talented entrepreneurs like the founders of Blink Equity who are poised to be the next generation of Black business leaders,” said Grace Kong, Chief People Officer at Cox Automotive Canada. “Words and pledges mean little without action, so we welcome opportunities to offer tangible support to Emiliano and other businesses founded or owned by Black individuals.”

More information about Blink Equity can be found here.

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