ChargerQuest raises $3.1M for more public EV charging stations

A company seeking to build the most comprehensive electric vehicle charging network in Canada just secured $3.1M to launch the expansion of its public EV plan.

The company is ChargerQuest (CQ), founded by Christopher Misch who is well-versed in Canada’s EV space, and Stuart Browne, a leader in the venture capital space. 

“Despite the pandemic, CQ persevered and successfully completed our pilot phase in 2020,” said Misch. “We are excited about the next phase of business growth which is razor-focused on deploying our charging station assets at some of the very best properties across this great nation and beyond.”

The capital they raised, which was completed on an agency basis led by Foundation Markets Inc., will be used to expand its Smart EV charging network—building out 36 new level 3 Fast EV charging stations, along with more than 100 new level 2 charging stations at key locations across the country.

Some of the investors include Legion 3 Capital, Quinsam Capital and Leonite Capital.

CQ owns and operates smart electric vehicle charging stations on host partner properties, with EV charging hubs for businesses, municipalities, and high-traffic destinations.

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