CBB: strong wholesale price increases continue

The Canadian used vehicle market managed another week of strong wholesale price increases; the truck/SUV segments continued to lead the market with above average week-over-week price increases, while cars revealed an up-tick in prices well above historical average increases, according to Canadian Black Book

On the used car front, the segment experienced an average weekly change of +0.37%, which is slightly less than last week’s update of +0.39%. Still, most car categories were up — with mid-size cars (+1.09%) leading the car segments.

Sports cars were up 0.89%, compact cars increased 0.48%, and premium sporty cars were up 0.45%. The full-size car segment also managed an increase of 0.41%. All of these categories had strong performances with above-average increases.

On the flip side, the prestige luxury car segment was down, -0.17%. Specifically, it was the only car segment with a weekly decline in prices, because the luxury car category managed an increase of 0.05%. 

As for trucks, the segment overall showed a weekly increase in values of 0.53%, which is a slight dip from the prior week’s increase of 0.84%.

Most truck/SUV segments experienced positive weekly changes, with full-size pickups leading the segments and the market thanks to a weekly increase of 1.21%. This was followed by small pickups (+1.04%), full-size vans (+0.83%), full-size crossover/SUVs (+0.80%), minivans (+0.72%), and mid-size crossover/SUVs (+0.62%).

Full-size luxury crossover/SUVs was the only category that was down (-0.43%) in terms of weekly prices. Compact luxury crossover/SUVs was up 0.18%, and sub-compact crossovers increased 0.23%. Still, these three categories had the weakest performances this week in the Truck/SUV segment. 

You can browse the CBB’s full report here

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