AutoVerify enhancements to help dealers boost F&I profits

Mobials’ AutoVerify division has included enhancements to its Digital Merchandising solution to help automotive retailers drive more profit to their finance and insurance (F&I) department through their dealership website. 

To do this, AutoVerify has included the ability to display vehicle features that add value to the vehicle and introduced F&I options directly on the vehicle details page, so that Digital Merchandising can present these options earlier in the buying journey. The idea was to bring the “back-of-the-house to the front-of-the-house” without mentioning the price of F&I offerings. 

“We recognize that the automotive industry is forever changed, so we’ve driven our team towards two goals,” said Marty Meadows, President at AutoVerify. “Improving our current product offering to help the industry adapt and thrive alongside these changes, and making sure our current and potential customers are able to adopt and learn these new offerings without price as a barrier.”

The company’s Digital Merchandising solution, which is an extension of its digital retailing suite, is free to all auto dealers regardless of whether they paid for a subscription with AutoVerify or not — and it works by adding Spotlights to the vehicle details page. 

These Spotlights include new vehicle listings, low mileage vehicles, recent price reductions, SiriusXM availability and promos — plus available protection products (ex: prepaid maintenance products, total loss insurance, tire and wheel protection, interior/exterior protection, and vehicle service contracts). Some of the new spotlights coming up include vehicle safety ratings, awards, and OEM rebates and incentives.

“The Digital Retailing Suite offers three layers of functionality; digital merchandising, digital research, and e-commerce,” said AutoVerify in its news release. 

The company is also in the midst of a promotion, offering its entire digital retailing suite to new customers with no monthly software fee, and is offering to upgrade existing customers to its newly-launched E-Commerce option at no monthly software fee. Those monthly software fees will resume on August 1, 2020.

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