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2022 Ford E-Transit electric van gets $43,295 base price, build configuration details

The 2022 Ford E-Transit electric van will start at $43,295 when order books open in July, Ford confirmed Tuesday in a press release that also included more details about build configurations and the ordering process.

As with most commercial vans, Ford will offer the E-Transit in a variety of configurations. Options include a Low Roof (83.6-inch), Medium Roof (100.8-inch), and High Roof (110.1-inch), Regular (130-inch), Long (148-inch) and Extended (178-inch) wheelbases, and cargo van, chassis cab, and cutaway body styles.

The base price quoted by Ford applies to the cutaway body with a Low Roof and Extended wheelbase. The cheapest cargo van is the Low Roof, Regular-wheelbase version, which has a $47,195 base price. The most-expensive E-Transit variant mentioned by Ford is the High Roof, Extended-wheelbase cargo van, with a $52,690 base price.

2022 Ford E-Transit

2022 Ford E-Transit

That reflects a lower base price than suggested earlier. When Ford revealed the E-Transit last November, the target price was $45,000, before destination. However, the automaker didn’t specify if the pricing listed here included destination.

Ford also released range estimates for all cargo-van variants, but not the chassis-can and cutaway body styles. The Low Roof version can go 126 miles on a charge, according to Ford, while range for the Medium Roof and High Roof versions are estimated at 116 miles and 108 miles, respectively. The lower ranges are likely the result of added aerodynamic drag from the taller roofs.

Ford E-Transit configurations - Ford.com

Ford E-Transit configurations – Ford.com

All E-Transit models use a 67-kilowatt-hour battery pack with cells from LG Chem, and one large motor sending 266 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels. Ford previously quoted a maximum payload of 4,290 pounds for cutaway versions, and 487.3 cubic feet of cargo space in High Roof versions. The latter figure is comparable to gasoline Transit vans, the automaker claims.

Ford is now accepting “hand raises” from interested commercial fleets, but actual order books won’t open until July. The automaker indicated more testing will be done over the intervening months, adding that more than 450 customers spanning 45 vocations have expressed interest in the electric van.

2022 Ford E-Transit

2022 Ford E-Transit

While it’s not meant for retail buyers, the E-Transit is an important EV for Ford. The automaker is hoping to capitalize on electric vans’ potential use in delivery fleets. Of Americans surveyed by the automaker last year, 54% said they would choose an electric-powered delivery service over a gas-powered one, if price and arrival times were the same, while 43% said they would wait longer for a delivery via electric van.

Ford has said that the E-Transit will share key components like motors and battery modules with the electric Ford F-150, reportedly due to be called the Lightning.

It also recently opened a battery research lab, and has indicated that it might build its own batteries as soon as 2025. That’s tied to anticipated growth in EV production volumes, fueled by both the E-Transit and F-150 Electric launches.

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